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By Morris R. Levitt

January 12, 2004 | In March, Bio·IT World magazine will be two years old. These days, that's a significant period of time in the worlds of media and technology. Those readers who have been with us since our early issues will, I hope, have noticed Bio·IT World's evolution and improvement over the past two years.

These developments have included adding more news and products to our Web site's content; publishing comprehensive buyer's guides (print and online) covering IT, informatics, and data-generating equipment for the life sciences, as well as related business services; recognizing best practices in drug discovery and development, clinical trials, and drug manufacturing; generating e-newsletters in numerous special-topic areas; co-sponsoring the Bio·IT World Conference + Expo; and launching a companion (digital) publication, Health·IT World.

Whatever the format, the content of Bio·IT World will be the carefully crafted mix of news, analysis, opinion, technical features, and product coverage that has led to more than a dozen major awards for excellence. 
Our latest initiative is in your hands. Beginning with this issue, Bio·IT World will be published in a standard magazine size. We think this will offer you two important advantages. First, the print magazine will be even easier to transport and then physically archive. Second, our new format allows us to more readily provide digital delivery to those readers desiring faster access to our content as well as electronic storage. This will also allow us to greatly expand our reader base internationally.

Let me emphasize that whatever the format, the content of Bio·IT World will continue to be the carefully crafted mix of news, analysis, opinion, technical features, and product coverage that has led to our garnering more than a dozen major awards for design and editorial excellence.

In the year ahead, our focus will be on further increasing and improving both the number and the quality of the information products and services we will provide to you:

  • Our editors will continue to seek your feedback on the content of our flagship magazine (for both the print and digital editions).

  • We will expand the lineup of e-newsletters focusing on technologies of interest.

  • Our editorial leadership team has worked with a number of industry thought leaders to provide a "killer" set of symposia and conferences at the Bio·IT World Conference + Expo in Boston, March 30 to April 1.

  • And we are broadening our outreach to attract additional participants in the Bio·IT World Best Practices Awards Program for 2004, culminating at our awards ceremony in June.

If you and your colleagues have not already registered for the Boston event, or submitted your Best Practices entries, I strongly urge you to make these your top New Year's resolutions. All the relevant information is available at our Web site,

Best wishes for a most productive and healthy 2004!

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