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January 12, 2004
| IF THE STORIES of fraud and misdeeds listed below are any indication, pharmas and biotech firms can ill-afford to turn a blind eye when it comes to complying with prescription-drug marketing regulations:

* Tap Pharmaceutical Products agreed to pay $875 million in criminal and civil penalties after pleading guilty to violating the PDMA by inflating prices and bribing physicians to prescribe its cancer drug.

* Bayer paid $250 million in fines for violating PDMA by overcharging on its antibiotic Cipro, as well as on the high-blood-pressure medication Adalat.

* AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals pled guilty to violating PDMA and paid $355 million to settle civil and criminal charges after giving samples of its prostate cancer drug Zoladex to urologists with the understanding the doctors would bill Medicare, Medicaid, and other federally funded insurance programs for reimbursement.

* Schering-Plough was indicted for violating PDMA by selling misbranded medication and submitting false pricing information to government agencies. The company paid $500 million in fines, with a promise to bring its operations up to FDA standards.

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