Bio-IT Innovators
We turn the spotlight on 10 leading life science organizations — from big pharma to little academia — at the cutting edge of IT implementation

When Only Brute Force Will Do | John Russell

ILEX Oncology
Breaking Down Silos and Busting Bottlenecks | Malorye Branca

Managing Innovation and Adversity | John Dodge

Eli Lilly 
Prescription for Success: Mix IT and Science | Mark D. Uehling

Hartwell Center
The Power of Expression | Malorye Branca

Perlegen Sciences
Taking Data Storage to Infinity — and Beyond | Jennifer Patterson Lorenzetti

Profiting from the Proteome | Michael Gross

Canadian Public Health Information System
Serving the National Health | Sherene Chen-See

Powerhouse CRO (Slowly) Goes Electronic | Mark D. Uehling

Novartis Pharmaceuticals
Talent Fuels Drug Pipeline in Swiss Time | John Dodge


New Beginning for Bioinformatics?
Venture Capitalists Cautiously Optimistic
Storage Gets Faster, Smarter, Less Expensive
Clusters Pique Interest
Genome of the Week
Republican Blueprint for IT, Health Care
Now Playing on the iPod
Bio-IT World Under Advisement
Bioterror War Begets Biotech Incentives
IBM, Daon Offer Clinical Trials Better Data Security


Kari Stefansson: The Icelandic Man Cometh
CONVERSATION The founder of deCODE Genetics on Viking DNA, privacy, disease and aging. 

Charting a Course After the Genome
MARKET COMPASS A new quarterly feature looks at the financial numbers in the bio-IT industry 

Knowledge Management: Is the Hype Justified?
GUEST COMMENTARY For information to be useful, it needs to be available at the right time. 

Columns & Departments

First Base | Kevin Davies & Morris Levitt
Practice(s) Makes Perfect

Nothing Ventured... | Michael Greeley
What Do We Do Now? 

Fully Equipped | Julia Boguslavsky
A Sequel to the Sequence 

New Products
Linux NetworX cluster duo · Avaki 3.0 grid software· Waters mass spec software· Cognia Molecular database 

The Dodge Retort | John Dodge
It Promises To Be a Dickens of a Year