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Software: Several home-built tools, access to public databases, and commercial packages including GCG Wisconsin Package (Accelrys Inc.), Vector NTI (Informax Inc./Invitrogen Corp.), SRS (LION Bioscience AG), Spotfire DecisionSite (Spotfire Inc.), GeneMaths (Applied Maths), and GenePix (Axon Instruments Inc.).

Hardware: Two supercomputer systems: Compaq AlphaServer GS140 with 10 processors, 12GB memory, and about 1.8 terabytes of storage space; a 16-CPU Silicon Graphics OnyxII Infinite Reality Graphics system with multiple graphics pipes and raster managers, 10GB memory, and 150GB storage space. The AlphaServer is an Oracle-based relational database server. The OnyxII is used mainly for molecular modeling and graphics. A Dell PowerEdge 6300 with four 500MHz Xeon processors, 2GB memory, and 184GB storage space supports the Affymetrix laboratory information management system (LIMS) applications and SQL database as well as the Center's chemistry services database. A Dell PowerEdge 4400 with dual 866MHz Xeon processors, 1GB RAM, and more than 100GB storage space serves as the departmental NT server. This machine also supports the Web site, hosting many Web-based tools. There is also an enterprise-level DLT (digital linear tape) tape library with five drives, CD-ROM drives, and so on.

Network: Fiber-based SAN (storage area network) system with AlphaServers, Silicon Graphics OnyxII, Sun Solaris servers, NT servers, and Cisco switches. Most systems are equipped with gigabit ethernet network interface cards connected to a gigabit network switch in the computer room, with a direct fiber connection to St. Jude's network backbone.

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