Defining "Integrative Genomics"
Five experts from academia and industry discuss the burgeoning field in the post-genome era.


Speed It up
No longer just for manufacturing and Big Pharma, automation gear is coming into small labs.

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Business+Strategy IT+Informatics
A Vision for iScience
CONVERSATION · ABI president discusses integrated science, lab technology, and running a -billion business.

The Other Guy’s Shoes
Nothing Ventured Entrepreneurs may benefit by grasping VCs’ decision-making process.

Top 10 Trends for 2005
Insights | Outlook · Pharmacovigilance, compliance, outsourcing, and the CIO's role will be big this year.

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Information-Based Medicine
CONVERSATION · TurboWorx’s Jeff Augen says the gap is growing wider between informatics and science.

Biobank Data Challenges
REPOSITORIES · Technical details seen as easy compared to other issues facing collection, sharing of information.

Simulated Shades of Jurassic Park?
PALEOGENOMICS · Researchers have reconstructed the genomic sequence of a mammal that lived 70 million to 80 million years ago.

Google for Gene Activity
NEUROGENOMICS · Allen Brain Atlas could help researchers understand mysteries inside the human head.

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Science+Technology In Every Issue
Breeding Mice That Roar
ANIMAL MODELS · Taconic Farms builds a -million facility in the Midwest to raise and ship laboratory rodents.

High-Throughput Science
FULLY EQUIPPED · New detection systems are enabling the use of high-throughput techniques.

Profiling Drugs via Microscopy
LAB TECHNIQUES · Harvard team uses robotics to speed up cell scanning.

How to Find a Brand-New TB Drug
DISCOVERY · JNJ’s R027910 required help from 454, TIGR, and Quintiles.

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The Race Card
First Base | Heart disease drug BiDil has intensified debate about using race in genetics.
By Kevin Davies

Best Practices 2005
The Russell Transcript | Organizations are invited to strut their stuff for Bio•IT World’s annual awards program.
By John Russell