February 10, 2003


Conquering Infinity with Chemical Genetics
Harvard superchemist Stuart Schreiber defines the convergence of chemistry and biology. Now the field of chemical genetics is heading toward the clinic.
By Malorye A. Branca

Decoding Estonia
The former Soviet republic aims to use IT and culture to build a national gene database. It is modestly funded but is already being noticed by scientists and industry.
By Mark D. Uehling


Surviving on the Margins
Millennium Stands Firm
Grids on the Move
U.K. Plugged In
Is Data Quality Job 1?
The ‘New House’ of Genomics
Distributed Computing: Slow and Steady
Accelrys’ Future Looks Profitable
Keying a Disease Gene
Don’t Skimp on Technology


Chris Sander: Made in Manhattan
A talk with the new head of the Computational Biology Center at Memorial Sloan-Kettering. 

Safe Water World 
Scientists, simple technology, and advertising help deliver pure water to developing nations. 

Modern Technology Unplugged
Providing "knowledge-poor" countries with access to information is only half the battle. 

Joshua Boger: The Art of the Deal 
Vertex Pharmaceuticals CEO speaks about deal making and his company's success. 

Columns & Departments

First Base | Kevin Davies
Would research benefit from electronic access to the entire literature, rather than just abstracts?

Business Watch | Michael R. Swenson
The "new HP" could become the leading systems provider for life science applications. 

Nothing Ventured... | Michael A. Greeley
Entrepreneurs need to rethink how they raise capital and craft business model frameworks. 

Fully Equipped | Robert M. Frederickson
Cell-sized biochips mean that channels, pumps, and valves must become minuscule, too. 

Paper View | Kevin Davies
Kevin Davies mulls over the mouse genome. 

The Dodge Retort | John Dodge
IT department: solution or problem? Be on the lookout for telltale signs of a bad attitude.

New Products
Tm, MetriGenix collaborate on 4D Universal Array · Biophile chills out with IVR · Aperio offers a new view of tissue microarrays · Intel's Xeon-based server boards ride a faster bus