The Galileo Code
In searching 400 years of French-Canadian history for genetic clues to diseases among Quebec's founding population, Genizon BioSciences — formerly Galileo Genomics — is rapidly becoming the bio-IT company du jour.


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Catching a Big Pharma Partner
DEAL FLOW · Biotechs learn to squeeze value out of hot product deals when choosing a suitor.

Can Life Sciences Go IT?
GUEST COMMENTARY · Lessons for successfully guiding the 21st-century revolution in bioscience.

Achieving Compliance
Insights | Outlook · Budgeting and measuring the success of compliance initiatives is a credibility issue for CIOs.

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Make Room for Microsoft
HIGH-PERFORMANCE COMPUTING · The desktop computing giant plans a big push into life science clusters.

Bioinformatics on the Brain
ADAPTIVE SELECTION · An accelerated mutation rate produced humans' large brain, according to a study.

The 2005 Database Explosion
RESEARCH TOOLS · More than 700 'open' molecular biology databases are now available from around the world.

Is it Smarter to Rent?
INSIDE THE BOX · Does it make sense to rent CPU hours instead of acquiring computers?

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Science+Technology In Every Issue
New Software for HTS
DISCOVERY TOOLS · Columbia's SLIMS picks an old drug for a new disease.

Thermo Tackles ADME/Tox
LAB TECHNIQUES · A new turnkey system includes a software suite to speed throughput and smooth logistics.

In Living Color
LAB TECHNIQUES · Fluorescent proteins for a new palette (or palate).

A New Crop of IVDs
FULLY EQUIPPED · In vitro diagnostic microarrays are an important tool in oncology.

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Tsunami Science
First Base | The task of retrieving and identifying bodies in Southeast Asia enters a new phase.
By Kevin Davies

Frist's Fantastic Visions
The Russell Transcript | Turning the Senate majority leader's healthcare vision into reality will be quite a challenge.
By John Russell