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Champions informatics Gene Logic

March 7, 2002

Gene Logic Inc.
Mark Gessler
Chairman and CEO

Betting on Genomic Content Sales

What is the history of your organization’s involvement in life science?
: Gene Logic began business operations in 1996, with the Company’s first commercial collaboration coming in mid-1997. The Company has mainly been focused on developing products related to genomic information and gene expression. Gene Logic gained its initial notoriety through several small target discovery partnerships with pharmaceutical companies. However, the true impetus of the Company has always been around selling genomic content and creating a profitable, sustainable subscription-based business.

Following the launch of our flagship product, the GeneExpress® Suite, in late 1999, the Company has grown and evolved into its leadership position in genomics-based biocontent and bioinformatics solutions through aggressively adopting leading-edge genomics technologies, specifically the Affymetrix, Inc. GeneChip® microarray platform, and leveraging our internal software development and database management competencies.

What is your vision for the development of the life sciences market?
: My personal motivation has always been to develop a new kind of biotechnology company, continually leveraging the industries’ technological advances, as well as astonishing biological innovations and discoveries. Today’s confluence of massive scale genomic information with advancements in information technology presents a tremendous business opportunity for Gene Logic. My vision is to create innovative information and bioinformatics solutions that enable our pharma and biotech customers and that ultimately result in our becoming an indispensable component of modern drug discovery and development. We have a great business model, having achieved many of the milestones we set for ourselves, and we are focused on achieving profitability as quickly as possible.

What organizational assets have you developed to serve this community?
: Gene Logic has four key organizational assets. First, the BioRepository of human tissue samples and associated clinical information representing over 400 disease indications, providing a comprehensive library of human disease and normal states. Second, our high-throughput genomics production capability provides the raw genomic information output representing the genome-wide “snap-shot” of genomic activity present in each of the tissue samples analyzed. Third, our bioinformatics software development and database management expertise, led by a team of leading bioinformatics professionals in Berkeley, Calif., provides the bioinformatics interface and backend data management architecture necessary to manage, analyze, mine, manipulate, visualize and store terabytes of critically valuable genomic and clinical information. Finally, our global sales, marketing and customer support infrastructure.

What products and services does your company provide to the life sciences market?
: Gene Logic’s flagship information product is the GeneExpress® Suite, our proprietary database of genomic information on the molecular basis of human disease and toxicity. Because the GeneExpress® Suite is really an information warehouse, we are able to offer through subscriptions a wide range of products, all culled directly from the GeneExpress® information core, and priced appropriately depending on both the size of the information product and the potential customer.

In addition, we recently launched a software and professional services product for enterprise-wide data integration called Genesis: the GeneExpress Enterprise SystemTM. Companies are currently generating volumes of genomic data at disparate sites across the globe yet are unable to properly integrate such data for maximum use. GenesisTM addresses this growing industry issue through simple leveraging of our internal competencies in software development, database management and integration product implementation and customer support.

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