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March 7, 2002

Structural GenomiX Inc.
Tim Harris, Ph.D.
President and CEO

Mine the Genome for New Proteins

What is the history of your organization’s involvement in life sciences?
: Just under three years. The opportunity to do high throughput structure determination of new proteins uncovered by sequencing the genome, and use that information to improve drug discovery, brought us into the life sciences market.

What is your vision for the development of the life sciences market?
: I look forward to a time where the human genome sequence is being used comprehensively as a source to improve health.

What organizational assets have you developed to serve this community?
: We have built a company of over 135 people doing high throughput protein structure determination to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the drug discovery process.

What products and services does your company provide to the life sciences market?
: We offer biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies a way to improve their drug discovery process.

What new products and services do you have in development?
: We have developed very high throughput structure determination methods for proteins and proteins with compounds bound. By this means we can look at how a compound series binds to a target and increase the efficiency of lead discovery. For example we have built our own beam line at the Argonne National Laboratory in Chicago.

Which life science companies or organizations have you partnered with or invested in, and why?
: We are working with the leading biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. For example, SGX recently formed strategic alliances with Millennium and Aventis to speed up their drug discovery process.

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