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March 7, 2002 | Dubbed an incubator on steroids, a new Pennsylvania life sciences center will try to speed commercialization of biotechnology research in the central part of the state.

The Life Sciences Greenhouse of Central Pennsylvania offers researchers shared resources. “The center will have high-end equipment like a DNA sequencer that startups cannot afford,” says Kevin Harter, president of the Technology Council of Central Pennsylvania, who also serves as a regional coordinator for the Greenhouse.

The center will also help researchers develop business plans, manage and protect intellectual property, and even provide funds to start a company.

Like many states, Pennsylvania is using its tobacco settlement money for biotech research (see Smokin’: Tobacco Windfall Spurs Biotech Investment, page 28). And that’s the case with the Greenhouse, which will get about a third of Pennsylvania’s $100 million settlement.—Salvatore Salamone

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