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Cray Improves Memory System for Supercomputers
Cray Inc.
Mar 7, 2002

IBM Launches Regatta Unix Servers
eServer p690
IBM Corp.
Mar 7, 2002

Compaq Smoothes Path to Server
ProLiant BL servers, ProLiant Essentials Value Pack
Compaq Computer Corp.
Mar 7, 2002

SGI Doubles Irix Graphics Usability
Silicon Graphics, Inc.
Mar 7, 2002

DoubleTwist Debuts Online Service
DoubleTwist Annotated Human Genome Database
DoubleTwist Inc.
Mar 7, 2002

Gene Logic Adds Gencarta Database
GeneExpress with Gencarta
Gene Logic Inc.
Mar 7, 2002

MDL Improves Chemical Database
CrossFire Gmelin database
MDL Information Systems Inc.
Mar 7, 2002

EMC Makes Storage More Reliable
EMC Corp.
Mar 7, 2002

Oracle Database Adapted for Clustering
Real Application Clusters (RAC) for Oracle9i Enterprise Edition
Oracle Corp.
Mar 7, 2002

Accelrys Expands Querying Features in Developer Studio
Accord Developer Studio
Mar 7, 2002

Phase Forward Simplifies Safety Monitoring
Phase Forward
Mar 7, 2002

NetGenics Integration Enhances Research
Netgenics Inc.
Mar 7, 2002

Applied Biosystems Boosts Throughput on Protein Analyzer
4700 Proteomics Analyzer
Applied Biosystems
Mar 7, 2002

Information Builders Updates Business Intelligence Toolset
Information Builders Inc.
Mar 7, 2002

Siebel Introduces Web-enabled Analysis
Siebel Systems Inc.
Mar 7, 2002

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