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BIO-IT Champions 

March 10, 2003 | One year ago, the inaugural issue of Bio-IT World was dominated by a special series entitled "Champions," in which we profiled 60 companies that exemplified the convergence of information technology and life sciences. The term "champions" was used chiefly in the sense of advocates, rather than winners; indeed, some of the organizations profiled, not surprisingly, are no longer extant (DoubleTwist, RIP). Since our launch, however, more than two dozen companies were added to the Bio-IT Champions roster (out of 49 nominated), with senior executives answering a standard set of questions.

To mark our anniversary, we have chosen to reprint excerpts from these surveys, to provide a flavor of the goals, philosophies, and products that each organization brings to the bio-IT table. We hope they are all thriving (or at least surviving) at this time next year.

Here then, in their own words, Champions of Bio-IT Part II.

Computing & Computer Architecture 

Avaki Corp.

Platform Computing Inc.

Promicro Systems

RLX Technologies Inc.

United Devices Inc.

Informatics Tools & Data 

DNAPrint genomics Inc.



Redasoft Corp.

SciNova Informatics

Tribiosys Inc.


Systems Integration 

Court Square Data Group Inc.

Life Science Applications

Applied Biosystems Inc.

Decision Management International

Genomix Corp.

Insightful Corp. 


Knowledge Management 

Documentum Inc.

Ipedo Inc.

Omniviz Inc.

Open Text Corp.

PharmQuest Corp.

Phase Forward Inc.

Recommind Inc.

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