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Alpha Innotech Focuses on Improved Imaging
FluorChem 9900 Imaging System
Alpha Innotech
Mar 10, 2003

Affymetrix Makes New Footprint in Microarray Market
GeneChip Scanner 3000
Affymetrix Inc.
Mar 10, 2003

Beckman Coulter Builds Proteomics Platform
Beckman Coulter Inc.
Mar 10, 2003

PerkinElmer Beefs Up LIMS Security
Labworks ES
Perkin Elmer Inc.
Mar 10, 2003

Thermo Finnigan Weighs In with Metabolite ID 2.0
Metabolite ID 2.0
Thermo Finnigan
Mar 10, 2003

ABI Rounds Out Genotyping Offering with SNPlex
Applied Biosystems Group
Mar 10, 2003

Atlas Shoulders the Burden of Chromatograph Compatibility
Atlas 2002 R2
Thermo LabSystems
Mar 10, 2003

Systat Stays Ahead of the Curve
TableCurve 3D version 4
Systat Software Inc.
Mar 10, 2003

Display System Offers 3-D Data Visualization Without Glasses
Z 20|20
Mar 10, 2003

SGI Serves Up Linux Box
Altix 3000 servers
Mar 10, 2003

Aventail Simplifies Remote Access
Aventail Corp.
Mar 10, 2003

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