March 17, 2004


High-Performance Computing
Life science companies are solving big problems with home-grown clusters, racks of blades, and gangs of PCs working overtime.
By Salvatore Salamone

Blood, Sweat, and Tissue
Genomics Collaborative and Ardais take the lead in using IT to bring human tissue banking into the era of clinical genomics.
By Mark D. Uehling

Strategic Insights: Clinical Trials

Speeding EDC Adoption
Implementation by clinical sites is lumbering along at an unimpressive rate. Here's what must be done to speed things up.
By Nicholas Richards

Getting Past No
Low adoption rates of e-clinical trial technology can't be blamed on external market dynamics alone. Biopharmas must face four inhibitors within their own organizations.
By Kenneth Getz

Winning at EDC Implementation
Adoption may be lagging at the enterprise level, but there's a stalwart group of biopharmas making EDC happen. Here's how they're doing it.
By Paul Bleicher


Company to Watch
The Billion-Dollar Model
GenPath takes a novel approach to cancer research.

Guest Commentary
Systems Biology: Top-Down or Bottom-Up?
Michael Liebman of Windber Research Institute on a top-down approach to systems biology.

Pharma's Genomic Harvest
'The Fabric of Discovery'
How Pfizer plans to meet its goal of 20 major new drug applications over five years.


News & Analysis 

EDC Shootout at the Data Corral

Iconix Seals Two Major Tox Deals

DeCODE's Cardiac Gene Claim Causes FLAP

LabCorp Licenses Junk DNA Patent

Neural Nets Decipher Brain Tumor Data

Picture-Perfect Probing

CNIO: Profiles in Carcinogenesis

Rosetta Takes Merck's IT Reins

Biosapiens Born in Europe

New Products 


First Base | Kevin Davies
Genome War and Peace
Another view of the war of the bases.

Inside the Box | Chris Dagdigian
Cluster Tricks: Grid Engine License Juggling
How to juggle cluster software licenses.

Nothing Ventured | Michael A. Greeley
Signs of Spring on the Capital Horizon 

Insights|Outlook | Zachary Zimmerman with Sue Flood & Edward D. Helton
Testing Times for the FDA 

Fully Equipped | Julia Boguslavsky
Nano-Writing with Bio-Inks 
Nanolithography comes to bioarrays.

The Russell Transcript | John Russell
IBM: Pedal to the Metal in Healthcare
IBM now melds healthcare, life sciences, and IT.