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Beckman Coulter Releases Flood of Liquid-Handling Products
Biomek NX, Biomek 3000, Biomek 3.0 software
Beckman Coulter Inc.
Mar 17, 2004

Applied Bio Serves Up a Double Shot of Real-Time PCR
ABI 7300, ABI 7500
Applied Biosystems
Mar 17, 2004

Membrane Separation First for Amersham
UniFlux Series A and D
Amersham Biosciences Corp.
Mar 17, 2004

Eksigent Adds Dimension to Proteomics System
NanoLC-2D Proteomics System
Eksigent Technologies
Mar 17, 2004

Medidata's Vision Developer Aids Trial Sponsors
Vision Developer
Mar 17, 2004

Real Researchers Have Curves
XLfit 4
Mar 17, 2004

Powered Up: Apple Adds Xserve G5
Xserve G5
Apple Computer Inc.
Mar 17, 2004

Good Things Come in Small Packages at SGI
Altix 350
Mar 17, 2004

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