Scaling Celera's Mountain of Data
In three years, Celera's networked data has climbed to 100 terabytes. To keep data utilization at 80 percent or better, Celera is installing a global SAN. 

Chaos In, Order Out
I3C's effort to ease the data management bottleneck takes another step forward with preparations to release its updated specifications in June. 

Moving Chips to the Clinic
Gene expression signatures are becoming powerful diagnostic tools, but work remains to make them consistent enough to have an impact in a clinic setting. 

Grid and Bear It
Tricky to design and difficult to implement, grid computing could be the key to transforming North Carolina into a worldwide genomic research hub.

Speed is the Vertex Creed
Vertex Pharmaceuticals finds the best applications are the ones scientists and bio-IT can put together fast, then fix later.


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Patent Protection Under Pressure
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New Products
HP's New Mid-range Server o IBM Grid Software o DNA ASRs