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HP Releases New Mid-range Server
HP rp7410 Unix Server
Hewlett-Packard Co.
Apr 7, 2002

IBM Releases Grid Software
Grid Computing Infrastructure
IBM Corp.
Apr 7, 2002

Compaq Builds New Supercomputer
Alpha-based Supercomputers
Compaq Computer Corp.
Apr 7, 2002

Sun Releases Java Development Toolset
iPlanet Application Server, Enterprise Edition 6.5
IBM Corp.
Apr 7, 2002

Dell, Cray Join in Supercomputing Venture
High-performance cluster solutions
Cray Inc.
Apr 7, 2002

SGI Announces Processor Upgrades for High-End Servers 
SGI MIPS R14000A-based systems
Silicon Graphics, Inc.
Apr 7, 2002

New DNA ASRs Released
Invader 7.0
ThirdWave Technologies Inc.
Apr 7, 2002

Agilent Adds to Series of cDNA Microarray Kits
Agilent Rat cDNA Microarray Kit (G4105A)
Agilent Technologies Inc.
Apr 7, 2002

Software Applies Decision-Support Tools
DecisionSite 7.0
Spotfire Inc.
Apr 7, 2002

Software IDs Proteins Automatically
Applied Biosystems
Apr 7, 2002

Accelrys Optimizes Bioinformatics Tool 
Web Services framework
Apr 7, 2002

Software Focuses on E-Signatures
LabManager iLIMS 9.1
Beckman Coulter Inc.
Apr 7, 2002

Hitachi, Sun Release Joint Storage Product
HiCommand 2.0
Hitachi Data Systems
Apr 7, 2002

New Virtual Storage System for Linux Provides Fast-Access Data Connections
SVAA for Linux for the V960SVA
StorageTek Corp.
Apr 7, 2002

Sybase Centralizes Database Products
Sybase Web Services framework
Sybase Inc.
Apr 7, 2002

Integrated Hitachi SAN Package Will Reduce Cost to Consumers
SAN Solutions
Hitachi Data Systems
Apr 7, 2002

LION to Build Web Portal for Derwent Database
Derwent Geneseq Fast Alert and Geneseq databases
Lion Bioscience AG
Apr 7, 2002

DataSuite Analyzes Central Nervous System Molecules
CNS DataSuite
Gene Logic Inc.
Apr 7, 2002

Toxicology Testing
Integration of Quant and GenoMax
InforMax Inc.
Apr 7, 2002

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