Beyond the Blueprint 
How will the wealth of data emanating from the human genome and allied technologies impact research on health and disease?
By Malorye Branca

Target Elimination 
SPECIAL REPORT: Resolving Bottlenecks, Part II
Industry and FDA scientists turn to databases, applications software, and laboratory chips to move the safest, most effective molecules into clinical trials. By Mark D. Uehling

Strategic Insights 
· Regulatory Compliance
· Easing the Pain of Part 11
· Part 11: The FDA's New View
· Rising to the Regulatory Challenge
· E-Sourcing: Covering the Regulatory Bases

EDC Shreds Paper Trails
Debating DNA in Monterey
Neuroscientists Have Better Tools on the Brain
Hopkins Takes IBM to Heart
From Field to Streaming Data
Genomic Services Sector Heats Up
Kinder, Gentler FDA in the Making?
Nanotech Sprouts in the Garden State

Bio-IT World Conference & Expo Highlights:

Stephen Friend Sees Novel Uses of Gene Chips
IBM’s Kovac on Information-Based Medicine
Francis Collins Nixes Post-Genomic Era
Best of Show Awards


James Watson
Honest Jim Watson remains as charming, humorous, obstinate, and outrageous as ever. 

Get into the Groove
Scientists strike a chord with music based on the building blocks of DNA. 

Homeland Security 
The bio-IT community has a unique opportunity to contribute to national biodefense. 

Columns & Departments

First Base | Kevin Davies
The world celebrates the golden anniversary of the double helix.

Nothing Ventured... | Michael A. Greeley
As biotech business models evolve, the question remains: Which will survive? 

Fully Equipped | By Robert M. Frederickson
Protein chips seek to do for protein expression profiling what DNA chips did for RNA expression. 

The Dodge Retort | John Dodge
Complaints aside, EDC has made its mark. All it needs now is a big boot.

New Products
MEMS the word for Protiveris prototype · RLX doubles up with dual-processor blade server · EMC debuts high-end storage systems