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April 15, 2003 | U.S. and European companies in the lead-optimization business include startups and established names in the life sciences. Large pharmaceutical companies are starting to form tighter partnerships. But no industry-leading tool has yet been proven by peer-reviewed research to find drugs faster.

3-Dimensional Pharmaceuticals 
Recently acquired by Johnson & Johnson

Leading bio-, cheminformatics platform; IBM is a partner

Advanced Chemistry Development 
Powerful predictive algorithms, automated sample analysis

Argenta Discovery 
Roots were collaboration between Aventis, British academics

Pfizer recently acquired major stake in company

Hungarian company, doing research with NYC blood bank

Gene Logic 
Roche licenses its customized gene expression database

Celera, Abbott, Aventis, Johnson & Johnson are customers

Iconix Pharmaceuticals 
Amersham, MDL, FDA have agreements with company

Helping Chiron study ESTs for oncology drugs

Grant from National Institute of Standards and Technology

LION Bioscience 
Deals with AstraZeneca, Bayer; data and tool integration

MDL Information Systems 
Founded in 1978; leading cheminformatics platform

Paradigm Genetics 
NASDAQ considering delisting company at press time

Structural Bioinformatics 
Partner, investor Quest Diagnostics collaborating on one database

ExxonMobil, Merck, Lilly, others license chemical discovery tools

LeapFrog module uses receptor site for de novo ligand design

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