April 16, 2004

Documents Under New Management
Efficiency means more than simply having all your documents in one place.
By Salvatore Salamone

Portraits in Proteomics
Advances in identifying protein biomarkers are spurring new hope in cancer diagnostics, expediting detection and easing testing.
By Deborah Janssen

Strategic Insights: Outsourcing and Contract Services 
· Make Me a Match
Custom software development needs flexibility.
By Kirk Gallion
· Cinching Synergy with a Contract Lab
Quality audits and quality agreements can help ensure success.
By Elizabeth Fowler and Carolyn Cardin
· Taking the Trial Out of Clinical Outsourcing
Choosing the right partner is key.
By Joel Hoffman

Conversation: Jason Barton
PDAs and Clinical Trials
PalmOne's director of healthcare sales explains why clinical trials are driving sales of handheld devices.

Company to Watch
The Matrix Revolutions
Serenex's chemoproteomic affinity platform could transform the drug discovery business.

Finding the Perfect Fit
Companies say fragment-based drug discovery is helping the business of lead identification.

Guest Commentary
The Business of Content Management
Leveraging common standards across internal and external entities offers the greatest value proposition.


News & Analysis 
Venter Makes Waves – Again
Clinical Standards Finally Start to Gel
FDA Vows to Fight Technology Barriers
Hard Disks Spin a Backup Alternative
Folkman Says Set Beliefs Inhibit Science
George Poste Calls for New IT Tools

New Products 


First Base | Kevin Davies
A Black Eye for Bioethics
Blackburn's dismissal is a black eye for bioethics.

Inside the Box | Bill Van Etten
Zero Chances to Go Wrong
Zeroconf enables auto-discovery of any local network.

Fully Equipped | Robert M. Frederickson
Trial Separations 
High-throughput protein separation methods evolve.

The Russell Transcript | John Russell
Best of the Best, Sir 
The FDA focuses on predictive development tools.