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April 16, 2004 | To assess the increase in diagnostic sensitivity and specificity that would be afforded from high-resolution mass spectra, Emanuel Petricoin's team compared results analyzing serum samples on a SELDI ProteinChip Biomarker System-II (PBS-II)(Ciphergen), a low-resolution TOF MS, and a hybrid quadrupole (Qq) TOF MS fitted with a SELDI ion source. While the spectra are qualitatively similar, the resolution obtainable with the QqTOF MS is on the order of sixtyfold higher than that obtainable with the PBS-II TOF MS. The QqTOF can be regarded as a triple Qq MS in which the third quadrupole has been replaced with a reflecting TOF analyzer. This instrument combines the benefits of ion selectivity and tandem MS capabilities of a triple Qq MS with the high mass accuracy and resolution of a reflecting TOF analyzer. The mass spectra acquired from both the PBS-II and QqTOF MS instruments were analyzed using Correlogic's ProteomeQuest bioinformatics tool.

Image courtesy of E. Petricoin

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