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May 7, 2002 | Waterford Project participants include some of the leading AIDS research scientists and institutions in the country. Each participant has its own research specialty, and each connects through a regional provider to the Internet2's Abilene network.

Gladstone Institute of Virology and Immunology 
San Francisco 
  • Headed by Warner Greene
  • Connects through Corporation for Education Network Initiatives in California (CENIC) regional network
  • Specializes in molecular biology and molecular immunology
AIDS Research Institute - University of California at San Francisco 
San Francisco
  • Headed by Thomas Coates
  • Connects through CENIC regional network
  • Specializes in clinical trials of AIDS therapeutics, developing national models of AIDS care and prevention
Collaboratory for Research on Electronic Work (CREW) - University of Michigan School of Information 
Ann Arbor, Mich.
  • Headed by Gary Olson
  • Connects through Merit regional network
  • Specializes in IT planning, implementation, research
Institute of Human Virology -University of Maryland 
  • Headed by Robert Gallo
  • Connects through Mid-Atlantic Crossroads (MAX) regional network
  • Specializes in virology
Harvard AIDS Institute 
  • Headed by Max Essex
  • Connects through Northern Crossroads (NoX) regional network
  • Specializes in international research, catalyzing existing research
Partners AIDS Research Center/Massachusetts General Hospital 
Charlestown, Mass.
  • Headed by Bruce Walker
  • Connects through NoX regional network
  • Specializes in cellular immunology

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