May 7, 2002


Accelerating the Fight Against AIDS
The Waterford Project's collaborative software and high-speed network unite researchers in a search for an HIV/AIDS vaccine.
By Dave Brambert

In Silico Survivors
Facing desperate times, bioinformatics companies revamp, refocus, or perish.
By Malorye Branca

Molecular Machining
Blending nanotechnology with bioengineering, researchers at engeneOS use genomic information as engineerable parts to build biomolecules.
By Anthony Strattner

Networks are Ever-Evolving Beasts
IT 101 · NETWORK ARCHITECTURE The explosion of data created by life science companies requires novel networking architectures.
By Salvatore Salamone

LION and Acero Face Off in Competitive Incyte Deals
Arabidopsis on a Single Chip
Targeted Therapy Makes a Stand
Sequenom Hits Web with RealSNP
Ellison’s Prescription for the Drug Industry
LabCorp Introduces Improved Genomic-Based Hepatitis Tests
Rice Sequence Has Global Potential
The Big Grid Promises Power
Distributed Computing Gaining Momentum


Nathan Myhrvold: Big Pharmas Are Dinosaurs
CONVERSATION John Dodge talks with Myhrvold about why this former head of Microsoft's R&D is so high on biotech. 

Bridging the Language Barrier
GUEST COMMENTARY The next generation of bio-IT products will require shared definitions between IT and biology. 

The Millennium Dome
INNOVATION A new dome-like display system renders dynamic 3-D images of biological molecules and more. 

The Golden Rule of KM
CONVERSATION KPMG's Robert Webb says understanding user needs is critical to successful knowledge management. 

Columns & Departments

First Base | Kevin Davies & Morris Levitt
Bridge Over Troubled Waterford Project

The Dodge Retort | John Dodge
IBM 'Decided Not to Die'

Paper View | Kevin Davies
A Bit of the Old RASL Dazzle 

Business Watch | Mark Hall
IDC IT Must Stay the Course

New Products
Bioperl Debuts Toolkit · Shimadzu Offers Xcise · Biodatabases in Palm of Your Hand