May 19, 2004


Attack of the Lab-Bots
Robots are invading every aspect of discovery and development, from genotyping to high-throughput screening.
By Malorye A. Branca

Patients Without Borders
Not every clinical trial on the planet is ready for electronic data capture.
By Mark D. Uehling

Strategic Insights: Economic Development 
· Turning Sugar into Science
Novartis expands in the Northeast.
By Barbara Depompa
· From Corn Belt to Bio Belt
The Danforth Center takes root in St. Louis.
By Barbara Depompa
· Biotech Off the Beaten Track
Lexicon helps put the "tech" in Texas.
By Barbara Depompa
· Surging in Seattle
Seattle Genetics predicts a sunny future.
By Barbara Depompa

Conversation: Mark Murcko
Informatics Black Boxes ... Not! 
Vertex Pharmaceuticals' Mark Murcko discusses open source, buying versus building, and ROI on IT.

Market Compass
Keeping an Even Keel
Bland first quarter in 2004 was punctuated by Human Genome Sciences mini-drama.

Guest Commentary
Better Lab Workflow with XML
Extensible languages can help eliminate automation workflow bottlenecks in the laboratory.


News & Analysis

Including Bio-IT World Conference + Expo Report

FDA: Help Us Plot Act Two for Part 11
Keynoters Focus on Challenges Ahead
Your Genome on Drugs
Best of Show – March Madness, Bio-IT World Style
A Question of Standards
Stein Wins Franklin Award
Following the Money
Beyond Heavy Metal
Bringing Informatics to Life

New Products 


First Base | Kevin Davies
Special Delivery
TAT tagging has aroused keen interest in biotech.

Inside the Box | Michael Athanas
Picture-Perfect Molecules
Transforming a cluster into a digital rendering farm.

Fully Equipped | Julia Boguslavsky
Is Microfluidics Equipped for HTS? 
Microfluidics offers alternatives to conventional HTS.

The Russell Transcript | John Russell
Seeing the Forest and the Trees 
A tiny clearing in the fog of systems biology.