June 12, 2002


Computational Biologists Join the Fold
COVER STORY: CASP5 competitors compare the best algorithms for modeling the 3-D structure of proteins - an exercise that could someday lead to new ways to fight disease.
By Karen Hopkin

Informatics Moves to the Head of the Class
The race is on to increase the quantity and quality of bio-IT training programs as government and academia bet the need will be great. Will the job market back up that bet?
By Beth Schachter

Fly Fishing on the Brain
Applying modern transgenic and video technology to the fruit fly, EnVivo Pharmaceuticals is creating a buzz in its program against neurodegenerative diseases.
By John Brokars

Gene Databases Raise Privacy Concerns
HGS Battles Pipeline Blues
EMC Tackles Data Longevity
FDA's Show and Tell: A Case of Too Much Information
Supreme Court Rejects Narrowing Patent Protection
Platform Computing Ups the Ante for Distributed Systems
Celera Unveils Mouse SNP Database
Applera Charts New Course
Entelos Mixes Servers with PCs
Genotyping Prices Plummet


Leroy Hood: All Systems Go at ISB
CONVERSATION John Dodge talks with Hood about his latest endeavor, the Institute for Systems Biology.

Designer Genes on Display
CULTURE The art world joins the post-genomic era with the exhibit Gene(sis).

Putting Proteins in Their Place
INNOVATION Will a "periodic table" of proteins help to classify the ungainly beasts?

FDA Fosters Pharmacogenomics
CONVERSATION Malorye Branca speaks to Lawrence Lesko about his hopes for the field.

Columns & Departments

The Dodge Retort | John Dodge
An Uncivil Action

Presidential Material | Morris Levitt
A New Economic Paradigm for Bio-IT?

Business Watch | Debra Goldfarb
IDC Biology: Antidote for HPC Blues

Paper View | Kevin Davies
Variations on a Theme

New Products
Regulus Software Suite Released · EMC Offers Permanent Data Storage Line · Pyrosequencing System Reduces Cost