June 2003


A View to a Kill 
Genomics, bioinformatics, and novel laboratory techniques are converging to boost vaccine research against a new wave of emerging diseases, natural and man-made.
By Malorye A. Branca

Mouse Hunt
The deluge of data and accompanying proliferation of databases is spiraling out of control. New federations and solutions may offer partial relief.
By Elizabeth Gardner

Special Issue 
· State of the States for Biotech
· Northeast Region
· Mid-Atlantic/Southeast Region
· Midwest/South Region
· Northwest Region
· Southwest Region

Working in A Wireless World
Genomics Companies Must Fill the Pipeline
Pharma Gets Creative to Address Productivity Problem
Detecting Deadly Agents in Small Places
Proteins ‘R’ Us: Charles River Labs
Take Two for Stanford’s Bio-X Project
It’s Time to Take Medicine Digital
Sir John Sulston on Patents, Progress, and the New Periodic Table
HHMI’s New Venture Targets Next Generation of Tools


Signs of Intelligent Data
Traffic shapers, compression, and wireless are helping IT managers improve access. 

Hunters or Browsers?
Ethnographers look at cultural clues for improved bio-IT. 

Evolving Computational Solutions 
Aber Genomic Computing uses evolutionary algorithms to beat evolutionary complexity. 

Columns & Departments

First Base | Kevin Davies
For many (who really ought to know better), the temptation to fetishize DNA is all but irresistible.

Nothing Ventured... | Michael A. Greeley
As the healthcare marketplace homogenizes, product and service prospects will improve. 

Fully Equipped |By Robert M. Frederickson
Tissue microarrays are coming into their own as important histological screening tools. 

The Dodge Retort | John Dodge
Even a protracted IT spending market slump can't keep good technologies down.

New Products
Amersham Adds Missing 'Link' · Accelrys Teams Up with Wiley for Reference Tools · Customized Clusters Based on AMD Opteron