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Amersham Adds Missing 'Link'
CodeLink UniSet Human 20K I Bioarray; CodeLink Expression Assay Kit
Amersham Biosciences Corp.
Jun 15, 2003

Axon Emits New GenePix Multispectral Microarray Scanner
GenePix Professional 4200A
Axon Instruments
Jun 15, 2003

Biacore Collaboration Spawns SPR-MS Tool
Biacore3000; Biacore3000 GxP Package
Biacore International
Jun 15, 2003

Accelrys Teams Up with Wiley to Deliver Chemistry Reference Tools
Three new chemistry databases
Accelrys Inc.
Jun 15, 2003

Accelrys Updates Cheminformatics Range
Accord SDK 5.3, Accord HTS 5.2, and Accord Inventory 2.2
Accelrys Inc.
Jun 15, 2003

HDS and NetApp Pool Resources for SAN/NAS Gateways
HDS-NetApp NAS Enterprise Gateways
Hitachi Data Systems
Jun 15, 2003

Uniting Chemical and Genomics Analysis
DecisionSite Advantage Chemogenomics solution
Spotfire Inc.
Jun 15, 2003

Even a Non-Statistician Can Use This Statistics Program, Systat Says
Systat 10.2
Systat Software Inc.
Jun 15, 2003

ChemAxon Releases Java Database Update
JChem 2.0
Jun 15, 2003

Acquire, Analyze, Archive Lab Data
NuGenesis Scientific Data Management System Version 6
NuGenesis Technologies
Jun 15, 2003

CYA Offers Secure Environment
CYA Secure Collaboration Platform
CYA Technologies
Jun 15, 2003

Promicro Promotes ProServer 4430 as Proprietary Architecture Alternative
ProServer 4430
Promicro Systems
Jun 15, 2003

Customized Clusters Based on AMD Opteron
Aspen Systems Beowulf cluster
Aspen Systems
Jun 15, 2003

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