June 17, 2004

How to Spell Discovery
J&J's multidisciplinary drug discovery platform aims to give scientists access to more information - and the ability to make better decisions.
By Mark D. Uehling

LIMS: To Buy or Not to Buy?
IT experts face a dilemma: to buy a LIMS, build their own, or consider a third solution.
By Salvatore Salamone

Strategic Insights: Intellectual Property and the Law 
· Is It Safe?
Does "safe harbor" apply to preclinical research?
BY Hope Melville
· Expatriate Your Patents
Ship your IP overseas and save a boatload.
By Stephanie McRae
· Patent Plaintiff Perils
Suing isn't as rewarding as it may seem.
By Cathryn Campbell
· Rational Decisions
Rational-drug-design firms are now under patent scrutiny.
BY John Garvey and Michel Morency

Conversation: Michael French
Systems Biology, Track 1
Entelos' Michael French explains what powers the systems biology engine.

Company to Watch
A Hip Approach to Gene Hunting
IntegraGen is trying to get the laboriousness out of human genetics.


News & Analysis 

Is There Such a Thing as Free EDC?

Genasense NDA Withdrawn

Sequences Set in Stone

Proteomics Goes to the Hospital

So Much Data, So Little Time

Agilent’s Answer to Change

RNAi Races Toward the Clinic

New Products 


First Base | Kevin Davies
Minority Report
Mutations may explain patient responses to Iressa.

Inside the Box | Chris Dagdigian
Breaking Up with RedHat Is Hard to Do
Breaking up with RedHat is hard to do.

Nothing Ventured | Michael A. Greeley
A Bet on Biomarkers 
How will the biomarker craze pan out? Place your bets.

Fully Equipped | Robert M. Frederickson
Microarray Analysis Reaches the Desktop 
Microarray analysis reaches the desktop.

The Russell Transcript | John Russell
The Satanic Verses of IT 
Is Nicholas Carr's book the Satanic Verses of IT?