July 11, 2002


High-Performance Computing

Learning to Love Linux
Pressure for high performance and low cost prompts researchers to adopt powerful Linux clusters and peer-to-peer schemes.
By Judith Mottl

P2P's Powerful Promise
Systems management remains difficult, but the payoff is getting teraflop computing from a sea of commodity PCs. Just ask Entelos and Novartis.
By Salvatore Salamone

Deep Sequence Diving
Like sailors of old, genomic data miners dream of discovering riches and fame. Given the recent improvements in analytics, they may succeed.
By Malorye Branca

Source of Debate
Open source software is gaining popularity at biotech companies, but some thorny issues remain. Do the benefits outweigh the risks?
By Curtis Franklin Jr.

Bad News for Hungry Bugs
Hooking Up with Harvard’s Genomic Research Center
Cambridge vs. The World
Acceleration Hardware: Wave of the Future?
Shotgun Sequencing Further Legitimized by NHGRI
Orchid, Merck-Medco Team Up for Asthma Study
Amersham Pulls Cimarron Closer
Fox Foundation Taps into Web
Liquid Chips Target Affymetrix
Forecast for Biotech: Mitigated Gloom
Mining Patient Records


Francis Fukuyama: Flirting with Genomic Disaster
CONVERSATION Mark Uehling talks with the political scientist about regulating biotechnology.

Microarray Analysis on Massive Scale
COLLABORATION The International Genomics Consortium will study 10,000 tumor samples.

Neuro-IT Needs Integration
GUEST COMMENTARY It's time to merge enterprise solutions with neuroscience.

Funding the Future
CONVERSATION Investor G. Steven Burrill helps companies put the "tech" in "biotech."

Columns & Departments

First Base | Kevin Davies
Counting the Cost of Drug Discovery

Business Watch | Michael R. Swenson · IDC
The End of Relational Databases?

Paper View | Kevin Davies
Combating Creative Chaos

New Products
Apple Debuts Xserve · BioMicro Launches MAUI System · HDS Rolls Out Line of Second-Generation Storage Subsystems

The Dodge Retort | John Dodge
Science Still Reigns in Bio-IT