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Apple Debuts Xserve High-End Server
Apple Computer Inc.
Jul 11, 2002

Platform LSF Gets Support for Mac OS
Platform LSF for the Mac
Platform Computing Inc.
Jul 11, 2002

BioMicro Launches MAUI System
Micro Array User Interface Hybridization System
BioMicro Systems Inc.
Jul 11, 2002

Applied Biosystems Targets Cost and Efficiency of DNA Sequencing
3730 DNA Analyzer; 3730XL DNA Analyzer
Applied Biosystems Group
Jul 11, 2002

Invitrogen Genotyping Kit Makes Genomic Analysis Tools Accessible
SureScore SNP Genotyping Kit
Invitrogen Corp.
Jul 11, 2002

AcroMetrix Genotype Panel Takes Aim at Hepatitis C Diagnosis
NAP HCV Genotype Panel
AcroMetrix Corp.
Jul 11, 2002

PCR Purifier Released by Qiagen
MinElute 96 UF PCR Purification Kit
Qiagen Inc.
Jul 11, 2002

MWG Mini-Robot Takes on Routine Lab Work
MWG Biotech
Jul 11, 2002

Idaho Technology Releases Low-Cost, High-Throughput SNP Genotype System
SNP:O System
Idaho Technology Inc.
Jul 11, 2002

HDS Rolls Out Second-Generation Storage Vision
Hitachi Freedom Storage Lightning 9900 V Series
Hitachi Data Systems
Jul 11, 2002

Out-of-box Solution Tackles Compliance Regs
Liquent SubmissionWorks
Liquent Inc.
Jul 11, 2002

Thermo LabSystems Updates LIMS Software
Nautilus 2002 Release 1
Thermo LabSystems
Jul 11, 2002

Beckman Coulter Offers Online Bundle to Aid in Quality Accreditation
Quality Link 5
Beckman Coulter Inc.
Jul 11, 2002

OmniComm Upgrades Web-based Clinical Trial Application Suite
TrialMaster Version 3.0
OmniComm Systems Inc.
Jul 11, 2002

Catalyst 4.7 Upgraded with Network Support for Faster Processing
Catalyst 4.7
Accelrys Inc.
Jul 11, 2002

SciQuest Bolsters Genome Tool's Web Abilities
Gene Construction Kit Version 2.5
SciQuest Inc.
Jul 11, 2002

Roche, ExonHit to Develop Tests for Mad Cow Disease
Tests for Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy
Roche Diagnostic Corp.
Jul 11, 2002

CellSpace Knowledge Miner 2.0 Offers Additional Content
CellSpace Knowledge Miner 2.0
Cellomics Inc.
Jul 11, 2002

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