July 14, 2004


The Sweet Hereafter
Novartis' new research home in a former candy factory is but one ingredient in a new recipe for success that embraces leadership, culture, science, and technology.
By Kevin Davies and John Russell

'Omics: The Next Generation
Metabolomics is attracting a flurry of biotechs and academics, with research implications ranging from plant biology to drug discovery.
By Karen Hopkin


Conversation: Stephen Fodor
Maven of Microarrays
Affymetrix CEO Stephen Fodor discusses building a tech business without a blueprint.

The Pathways Promise
Software solutions provide context for a pathways approach to genomic data analysis.

Guest Commentary
Signing On for Global Security
Abiding by information security rules is essential to doing business internationally.


News & Analysis 
IBM’s Super Duo
DIA: Users Want Tools That Work
Oncologists Wrestle with Drug Mechanisms
Life Science Real Estate Report
Genzyme’s Big Oncology Bet
Cancer Center Adds SGI to the Mix
US Genomics Launches First Product
Synthetic Biology: The Real Thing
Accelrys Reborn as …. Accelrys

New Products 


First Base | Kevin Davies
The True Cost of Drug Discovery
What is the truth behind the cost of new drugs?

Inside the Box | Bill van Etten
R Is Ready to Rumble
R is rapidly gaining acceptance in bioinformatics.

Fully Equipped | Julia Boguslavsky
Mass Spec Show and Tell 
ASMS showcases mass spec and proteomics.

The Russell Transcript | John Russell
Not Just a Day at the Beach 
San Diego boasts sun, surf, and a biotech hotbed.