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LC/MS System IDs Proteins and Biomarkers
Advanced LC/MS Protein Identification System
Agilent Technologies Inc.
Jul 14, 2004

Growth Chip Is Crystal Clear
Topaz Growth Chip
Jul 14, 2004

The Truth Is in the RNA Tubes
Tempus Blood RNA Tubes
Applied Biosystems
Jul 14, 2004

Alternative Assay
LabChip 90 Automated Electrophoresis System
Caliper Life Sciences
Jul 14, 2004

Visualize Molecules in 3-D
Lithium 2.0
Tripos Inc.
Jul 14, 2004

From Spectra to Structure
ACD/Structure Elucidator 8.0
Advanced Chemistry
Jul 14, 2004

IntelliChem Packs Its Lab Notebook
IntelliChem Discovery & Development Solutions 4.2
Jul 14, 2004

Watching Carbohydrates? Here's One Suite That Should Help
GlycoSuite database and bioinformatics tools
Proteome Systems
Jul 14, 2004

Paracel BLASTs Opteron
BlastMachine2 for Opteron
Paracel Inc.
Jul 14, 2004

United Devices Expands the Grid
Grid MP Suite
United Devices Inc.
Jul 14, 2004

Dell Teams with EMC on Easy-to-Use SAN
Dell Computer Corp.
Jul 14, 2004

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