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July 15, 2003


Department of Molecular Diagnostics/Pathogenesis in the Division of Retrovirology, Walter Reed Army Institute of Research


  • Support Army research and drug development efforts against malaria, HIV, and co-infection
  • Support DoD researchers around the world by providing custom arrays where needed
  • Conduct microarray experiments
  • Store data in data warehouse
  • Provide access to data and use of gene-expression analysis tools via the Web to researchers in the United States, Kenya, and Thailand

IT Systems

  • Hardware — Two Sun Fire 280R servers, each with 4 GB of memory and 436 GB of storage
  • Software — Oracle, R server, Bioconductor R packages, Maanova R packages, DHTML, Java, JBoss with embedded Tomcat

Array Capability 

Create custom spotted arrays and process Affymetrix and other commercial chips

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