July 2003


Buying Power
Celera's decision to replace its Compaq supercomputer with IBM and EMC is surprising. It also provides a fascinating "how to" procurement model for the bio-IT industry. By Salvatore Salamone

DoD's New War on Malaria 
3rd Millennium helps the U.S. Army enlist genomics and IT to fight an old foe: Plasmodium falciparum, also known as the malaria parasite. By John Russell

2003 Bio·IT World Best Practices Awards 
· Best Practices Making Perfect
· Millennium's PARIS Illuminates Pathways
· The BRAIN Behind BCM's Clinical Trials
· Solutia Streamlines Route from Lab to Production
· Discovery And Development Participants
· Clinical Trials Participants
· Drug Manufacturing 
· The Technology Behind Best Practices
· Technology Providers

Blue Gene Is Cool for 2006
Harvard and MIT’s Broad View of Genomic Medicine
Handheld Test Will Be First to Diagnose Alzheimer's
Goodnight Appreciates His Good Fortune
FDA Starts Advanced Data-Mining Project
Making a Genesweep: It’s Official!
Video Game Rx
MIT Starts Construction of McGovern Institute
Jakobsson Heads New NIH Computational Biology Center
The Lab Matrix Reloads


Patient, Record Thyself 
As electronic diaries get a boost — and a knock — from the FDA, Invivodata focuses on helping patients record their experiences accurately. 

Silence Is Golden 
The scientific, therapeutic, and economic potential of RNA interference is unquestionable, but some sticky questions still remain. 

Columns & Departments

First Base | Kevin Davies
The ISSCR must engage in a political discourse to salvage the hope of embryonic stem cell research.

Nothing Ventured... | Michael A. Greeley
Has pharma bought all the solutions it needs? The flood of genomic data indicates no. 

Fully Equipped |By Julia Boguslavsky
Single-cell proteomics is finally within reach, thanks to a professor of analytical chemistry. 

The Russell Transcript | John Russell
Bio·IT World's first Best Practices Awards were remarkably successful and mostly painless.

New Products
Agilent Oligo Microarray to Blast Rice Pathogen· Software Relieves Some Pain of Clinical Trials· Update Girds Grids for More Work