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Beckman Coulter Displays Affinity for Multi-Mode HTS
Affinity Multi-Mode Plate Reader
Beckman Coulter Inc.
Jul 15, 2003

Agilent Oligo Microarray to Blast Rice Pathogen
Agilent Magnaporthe grisea Oligo Microarray
Agilent Technologies Inc.
Jul 15, 2003

Bio-Rad Adds New FLIM Detector to Its Radiance Scanner Line
FLIM detector
Jul 15, 2003

Waters Polishes Up New NanoEase Chromatography Columns
NanoEase columns
Waters Corp.
Jul 15, 2003

Software Relieves Some Pain of Clinical Trials
Budget Builder
Jul 15, 2003

Asper Biotech, BioData Deliver SNP Assistant
SNP Assistant
Asper Biotech, BioData
Jul 15, 2003

Lasergene Adapted for OS X
Lasergene for Mac OS X
Jul 15, 2003

IQbase Ups Image Database Intelligence
Media Cybernetics
Jul 15, 2003

Update Girds Grids for More Work
Grid MP 4.0
United Devices Inc.
Jul 15, 2003

Persist Technologies' AppStor Tackles Long-Term Compliance Storage Issues
Persist AppStor
Persist Technologies
Jul 15, 2003

Caching In on Resiliency
Tacit Cache Server failover add-on
Tacit Networks
Jul 15, 2003

Keeping Up with the Wide World of Regulations
Liquent Inc.
Jul 15, 2003

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