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August 13, 2002 | Blue Gene is designed to significantly raise the bar when it comes to supercomputer performance. In theory, Blue Gene will deliver 100 times more raw processing power than today's top supercomputers.

Computer Location Manufacturer Theoretical Peak Performance (gigaflops) Benchmarked Performance (gigaflops)
Earth Simulator Earth Simulator Center, Japan Marine Science & Technology Center NEC 40,960 35,860
ASCI White Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory IBM 12,228 7,226
AlphaServer SC Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center Compaq 6,048 4,059
SP Power3 National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center/Lawrence Berkeley National Lab IBM 4,992 3,052
ASCI Red Sandia National Laboratories Intel 3,207 2,379
ASCI Blue Pacific Lawrence Livermore  IBM 3,868 2,144
National Laboratory
AlphaServer SC Los Alamos National Laboratory Compaq 3,072 2,096
SR8000/MPP University of Tokyo Hitachi 2,074 1,709
ASCI Blue Mountain Los Alamos National Laboratory SGI 3,072 1,608
SP Power3 Naval Oceanographic Office IBM 2,004 1,417

Source: (June 2002 list)

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