August 13, 2002


Clinical Trial Data Management: Tortured by Paper
COVER STORY Reams of paper stuffed into boxes and shipped to the FDA by the truckload is probably not the best approach to drug approval. But what is the solution?
By Mark D. Uehling

The Proteomics Odyssey
Efforts to map the constellation of proteins in humans gather momentum as companies vie to provide tools to capitalize on the potential of proteomics.
By Malorye Branca

Adding Missing Links for Data Integration
Politics Keeps Top FDA Post Vacant
Linking Genes and Behavior
Potential Patent Obstacles on Horizon
HDF Posts Data Bonanza Online
GNS Bares World’s Most Complex Cancer Cell Model
No Reformatting Required
Helping Patients Add Up the Odds
Beyond Bioinformatics


Caroline Kovac: Making Standards Work for Informatics Field
CONVERSATION IBM's life science leader says collaboration is the key for the troubled industry.

Think Blue ... Again
INNOVATION IBM's petaflop computer, Blue Gene, is being designed with bioscience in mind.

Let's get Small
INNOVATION Nanotechnology raises the bar for semiconductors as chips near single-digit nanometer proportions.

Improving Life Science Software
GUEST COMMENTARY Technology companies need to play catch-up to biosciences' needs.

Cracking the Compensation Code
GUEST COMMENTARY A recent study suggests compensation for bioscience CEOs is on target.

Columns & Departments

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Howard Hughes Medical Institute Offers a Helping Hand

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Clusters and Candy Wrappers

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Curtailing the Cancer Cell 

New Products
JMP Upgrade Released · Xpogen Offers Data Analysis Tool · Sun Expands Grid Computing on Enterprise Level

The Dodge Retort | John Dodge
Innovation: The PC's Enemy