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Sun Expands Grid Computing on Enterprise Level
Sun Grid Engine Enterprise Edition 5.3
Sun Microsystems Inc.
Aug 13, 2002

RLX Revs Up Performance, Management of Blade Server with Cluster Offerings
RLX Control Tower 3; RLX Cluster Solutions
RLX Technologies Inc.
Aug 13, 2002

GeneData Broadens Software Lineup with Screening Analysis Tool Addition
GeneData Screener
GeneData Inc.
Aug 13, 2002

JMP Upgrades Statistical Analysis Software
JMP Version 5
Aug 13, 2002

PerkinElmer Package Tackles Gene Expression Process
PerkinElmer Life Sciences
Aug 13, 2002

New Entries Heat Up Mass Spectrometer Market
Applied Biosystems Group and Micromass
Aug 13, 2002

Amersham Biosciences Widens Immunoassay Line, Adds SPA Reagents
cAMP Fluorescence Polarization Biotrak Immunoassay System; SPA reagents
Amersham Biosciences Corp.
Aug 13, 2002

Vivascience Rolls Out Protein Purification Kits
Vivapure kits
Vivascience AG
Aug 13, 2002

PhenoScreen Service Promises to Hasten Early HIV Drug Discovery
ViroLogic Inc.
Aug 13, 2002

Amersham Packages Spectrometer with New Kit
Ettan MALDI-ToF Pro; Ettan CAF-MALDI Sequencing Kit
Amersham Biosciences Corp.
Aug 13, 2002

New Xpogen Analysis Tool Extrapolates Meaning from Disparate Data
PathlinX 2.0
Xpogen Inc.
Aug 13, 2002

Gene Logic Adds Female Gene Expression Module to GeneExpress Suite
GeneExpress Women's Health DataSuite
Gene Logic Inc.
Aug 13, 2002

Thermo LabSystems Unleashes Universal Instrument Translator
eRecordManager v. 2
Thermo LabSystems
Aug 13, 2002

Harte-Hanks Aims CRM Solution at Pharmas
Allink Transact
Harte-Hanks Inc.
Aug 13, 2002

InFact Brings Human Element to Data Mining
Insightful Corp.
Aug 13, 2002

Spotfire Bridges Informatica Data Warehouses with Suite of Visual Analysis Tools
DecisionSite Informatica Bridge
Spotfire Inc.
Aug 13, 2002

StorageTek Bolsters SANtricity Storage App
SANtricity Storage Manager 8.20
Storage Technology Corp.
Aug 13, 2002

Thermo LabSystems Augments LIMS Package with Pair of Validation Kits
Software Validation Kits for versions 2000 and 2001 of SampleManager LIMS
Thermo LabSystems
Aug 13, 2002

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