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August 13, 2003 | Two patents, awarded to Malcolm Simons in the mid- to late-1990s, consign far-reaching rights to the forerunner of Genetic Technologies for gene mapping and haplotype analysis using noncoding DNA.


Patent #5,851,762 

"Genomic mapping method by direct haplotyping using intron sequence analysis."

Filed 8/22/94

Awarded 12/22/98

"... An improved mapping method that is based on the ability to identify haplotypes of individuals through analysis of noncoding region sequence variation patterns ... the method identifies those individuals with differing allelic and [haplotypic] sequences, enabling characterization of individual variability throughout a population ... [and] provides a rapid way to generate and screen polymorphic markers throughout the genome."


Patent #5,612,179

"Intron sequence analysis method for detection of adjacent and remote locus alleles as haplotypes."

Filed 9/23/92

Awarded 3/18/97

"... A method for detection of alleles and haplotypes through analysis of intron sequence variation. The present invention is based on the discovery that amplification of intron sequences that exhibit linkage disequilibrium with adjacent and remote loci can be used to detect alleles of those loci ... The method is particularly useful in humans but is generally applicable to all eukaryotes ..."

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