Targeting Tumors
Next-generation cancer drugs will take aim with unprecedented certainty, but making them requires a new discovery and development paradigm. By Malorye A. Branca

Remaking the FDA
New commissioner is pushing for greater use of technology and innovation to speed the flow of drugs to market. By Brian Reid

Research IP ‘Harbor’ No Longer Safe?
FightAIDS@Home Enters Phase Two
Contemplating Bioethics’ Prickly Pear
Global Network Paves the Way for Better Internet
Toward More Targeted Medicine
Putting the Y in (Wise) Guy
Leveraging the Chimp Genome for HIV Research
Goldfarb Goes to IBM
Pharma’s Mecca
RNAi Dominates ‘Beyond Genome’ Discussions


Playing by Aussie Rules
GTG's Mervyn Jacobson discusses the controversial patenting of non-coding DNA.

Orphan Drugs: For Love or Money?
Entrepreneurs organize to work toward cures for rare "orphan" diseases.

Discovery Surges and Tools Deliver
Market Compass for Q2 finds consolidation continuing, but market caps rising.

Beyond the Blockbuster
Genomics and big hits are not mutually exclusive, writes Deloitte & Touche's life sciences expert.

Columns & Departments

First Base | Kevin Davies
A maverick scientist and entrepreneur finds himself at the center of a DNA patenting storm.

Nothing Ventured... | Michael A. Greeley
Are venture capitalists still looking for "the killer app"? Funding the next big idea won't be so easy.

Fully Equipped |By Robert M. Frederickson
onSciQuest customizes its global marketplace Web portal to better meet customer needs.

The Dodge Retort | John Dodge
Integration and the real-time enterprise: "Knowledge is the differentiator."

New Products
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