August 18, 2004

2004 Best Practice Awards

Bio•IT World's Best Practices Awards program hopes to capture the imagination and effectiveness of advancing technology being used to drive biomedical advances.

A Best Practices Odyssey
Francis Collins Receives President's Award 
Keynote Speakers Chide Industry Leaders 

Grand Winners

Curbing a Killer
Drug Discovery and Development — Iconix Pharmaceuticals
Tracking Better Lab Operations
IT Infrastructure and Informatics — Baylor College of Medicine
Interactive Decision Making
Knowledge Management and Collaboration — SurroMed
The Pursuit of Process
Regulatory Compliance — Endo Pharmaceuticals
I, Virtual Patient
Clinical Research and Trials — Roche Diagnostics
Project Summaries of All Entries


Conversation: Sylva Collins
Master of the EDC Universe
Novartis has discovered that computers really can make clinical trials more efficient

Market Compass
Little News Is Good News
Tool companies inch forward, while discovery declines.

Company To Watch
Desert Storm
High Throughput Genomics' multi-assay platform is no mirage


News & Analysis
Small Molecules with Big Promise
Genome Scan Yields SIDS Clue 
Eye on Apple’s Tiger 
New Test for Lung Disorder 
Bioreason Finds New Reason for Being 
Open to the Public? 
Fujitsu Plans World’s Fastest Database 
Turning Specimen Storage into a Science 
Oncomine of Information

New Products 


First Base | Kevin Davies
In Praise of Chemical Diversity
How to build better small-molecule libraries.

Inside the Box | Chris Dwan
Grid Computing: Turning Hype into Reality
How to make grid computing more useful.

Insights | Outlook | Judy Hanover
Do ASPs Work for Life Science? 
ASPs have had mixed success in life sciences.

Fully Equipped | Robert M. Frederickson
Channeling HPLC 
Miniaturizing HPLC makes it cheaper and faster.

The Russell Transcript | John Russell
A Dozen Sparkling Gems 
A snapshot of deserving Best Practices Awards entries.