September 9, 2002


The New, New Pharmacogenomics
COVER STORY The field of pharmacogenomics proves valuable in the battle against toxicity and late-stage drug failure - one of the pharmaceutical industry's biggest problems.
By Malorye Branca

Betting on the Structural Revolution
Structural GenomiX uses a homegrown LIMS and its own beamline at Argonne National Laboratory to solve protein structures and test thousands of drug leads per year.
By Elizabeth Gardner


Making the Most of Microarrays
PWC to Boster IBM’s Life Science Consulting 
IBM Smells Blood in Database Fight
DOD Report Drives Biotech Projects
SAGE Comes of Age with Genie
Protein Informatics Power-Pact
Peeking at Big Pharma’s IT Playbook
Pfizer Hopes to Link Patients, Pills
I3C Stands at Next Genomic Frontier
Island Mentality Hinders Research
Shorter Paper Trail for Drug Trials?
Biomax’ Human Genome Database
The Incredible Shrinking Microarray


Friedrich Von Bohlen: In Like a LION 
CONVERSATION Malorye Branca speaks with the LION Biosciences CEO about his undaunted support for his vision for the company. 

Open Source: Not Yet a Closed Case
GUEST COMMENTARY Companies should weigh both the benefits and risks before choosing open source software. 

Data Management in HTS
GUEST COMMENTARY The high-throughput drug discovery field requires an optimal IT platform. 

David L. Tennenhouse: Intel Chips Away at Bio-IT
CONVERSATION John Dodge talks to Intel's tech research director about Proactive Computing. 

Columns & Departments

Presidential Material | Morris R. Levitt
Tailoring Bio·IT World to Fit You

First Base | Kevin Davies
State of the Bio-IT Union

Paper View | Kevin Davies
The Debate Over Race Relations 

New Products
Inpharmatica launches PharmaCarta · Etrials rolls out new electronic patient diary · Liquent provides free services to help with eCTD submissions · Paracel releases BlastMachine 

The Dodge Retort | John Dodge
We'll Get There Together or Not at All