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Morris R. Levitt, Ph.D. Sept. 9, 2002 | This month marks the first anniversary of the founding of Bio·IT World Inc., the publisher of this magazine. Because we began publishing Bio·IT World in March, this is also our (lucky) seventh issue. I would like to use this occasion to share with you some recent research on the bio-IT field and what we are doing to proactively meet your professional information needs.

First, you've undoubtedly noticed that accompanying this September issue is the first edition of the Information Technology and Informatics Buyer's Guide. In a recent study, almost 95 percent of readers surveyed indicated that the guide would play a vital role in selecting technologies for specific life science applications. Since bio-IT is by its nature a highly data-intensive field, it is worth noting that our extensive research over the past several months has turned up 333 companies (in 14 technology and service categories) that provided product data to the Buyer's Guide research staff. This is now your database of qualified technology suppliers and products. And it is a database that will be continuously refined, updated, and expanded on our Web site, — available to you on a 24/7 basis.

Next year, we will also provide you with a companion buyer's guide focusing on data-generating life science equipment to round out the information you need for intelligent technology selection.

Getting It Online 
Speaking of our Web site, we have endeavored to provide a wide range of information, research, career, and educational tools for your use:

* News, analysis, and commentary from our editors and other authoritative sources, updated daily.

* Ten Technology Resource Centers (providing archived editorial content, glossaries, and links to other information-rich sites) spanning life science disciplines and IT infrastructure categories.

* A White Paper Library, searchable by category.

* A Career Center, including career counseling from experts, and a professional resource center listing university programs in bioinformatics and related subjects.

*Complete searchable archives of past issues.

* Comprehensive events calendar.

Responding to Your Needs 
In addition to providing useful information and services to you, the other leg of our mission is to facilitate the organic development of the bio-IT community and to foster communications among its members. Another recent survey reveals a most interesting profile of your professional challenges. The top issues cited in response to the question, "What are the top five challenges you face on the job?" were as follows:

  • Data analysis
  • Skill shortage
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Lack of IT interoperability
  • Managing IT infrastructure
In response to these needs, we will be expanding our coverage in 2003 to include a strong focus on R&D case studies and best practices in a variety of life science organizations. Expert advice will also continue to be available on our Web site. Further insight into these changes, and a preview of some of the highlights you can expect in future issues, can be found in the accompanying First Base, written by Bio·IT World's editor-in-chief, Kevin Davies. Suffice it to say here that we will be providing a rich menu of content on "IT, Informatics, and Life Science Technology Enabling the Life Science R&D Value Chain."

As always, we welcome your ongoing feedback and comments to ensure that we deliver the most useful, timely, and relevant information to you.

Morris R. Levitt
President & CEO, Ph.D.
Bio-IT World, Inc.


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