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Inpharmatica Launches PharmaCarta Discovery Platform, Biotech Biopendium
PharmaCarta, Biotech Biopendium
Inpharmatica Ltd.
Sep 9, 2002

Insightful Targets Data Boostwith Insightful Miner
Insightful Miner Desktop Edition
Insightful Corp.
Sep 9, 2002

Group Thinks Outside the Box with New CAGED Software
CAGED (Cluster Analysis of Gene Expression Dynamics)
Collaboration among Children's Hospital Informatics Program in Boston, Harvard Medical School, and the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst
Sep 9, 2002

New PC Grid Offering
DCGrid 5.0
Entropia Inc.
Sep 9, 2002

Paracel Optimizes BLAST System for Analysis ofSequence Similarity
Paracel BlastMachine; Paracel BLAST software
Paracel Inc.
Sep 9, 2002

Promicro Debuts Two-Tiered High-Performance Server Package
Dual Xeon 1U Server
Promicro Systems
Sep 9, 2002

MolecularWare Upgrades DigitalGenome Software
DigitalGenome Version 2.23
MolecularWare Inc.
Sep 9, 2002

Etrials QuickStudy Log Facilitates Mid-Study Changes
QuickStudy Log
etrials Inc.
Sep 9, 2002

Agilent Ships Software Aimed at Pharma Labs
Agilent Cerity Networked Data System for Pharmaceutical QA/QC
Agilent Technologies Inc.
Sep 9, 2002

Viewpoint I/O Processor Primed for High-Speed Testing Applications
Viewpoint Systems Inc.
Sep 9, 2002

Liquent Offers Free Resources on ECTD Submission Standard
eCTD Assistant 1.0;
Liquent Inc.
Sep 9, 2002

Open Text Delivers Livelink Additionto Ease 21 CFR Part 11 Signature Compliance
Livelink eSign add-on
Open Text Corp.
Sep 9, 2002

Accelrys Releases Suite of Apps for Discovery Studio Platform
Discovery Studio Suite: DS Gene, DS ViewerPro, and DS MedChem Explorer
Accelrys Inc.
Sep 9, 2002

Applied Biosystems Debuts AssaysLine for SNPs, Gene Expression
Assays-on-Demand for SNP Genotyping and Gene Expression
Applied Biosystems Group
Sep 9, 2002

Suite Addresses Entry-Level Tape Recovery
Virtual Storage Manager (VSM)
Storage Technology Corp.
Sep 9, 2002

New Sun Architecture Brings Higher Manageability, Scalability to SANs
StorEdge Open SAN Architecture
Sun Microsystems Inc.
Sep 9, 2002

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