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Sept 15, 2003 | During 18 days of OpenHack, Internet detection systems caught 52,879 attempts to break in.

Top 20 Attacks Attempts
HTTP: CGI EscapeCharacter DirectoryTraversal 9,346
HTTP: IIS CMD.EXE Execution 7,305
HTTP: IIS Command Execution 7,246
SNMP: Read Other Default Community String 4,544
unicode-utf8-too-longencoding 3,727
HTTP: Nimba Worm-IIS extended Unicode Directory Traversal Attack 2,819
HTTP: Abnormal %00 in Parameter 1,452
Scan: NULL Probe 974
TCPHdr-Ports-EqualZero 843
TCP SYN port scan 763
HTTP: IIS 4.0 idc path disclosure 762
HTTP: Cross Site Script Attack 635
Scan: SYN FIN-Based Probes 598
HTTP: Netscape Enterprise Server Index Disclosure 570
IPHdr-SrcDstInvalidAddress 416
SNMP: Cisco IOS Undocumented Community String 382
ICMP: Netmask Request 373
ICMP: Timestamp Probe 372
HTTP: Read Password File Attempt 360
NMAP XMAS Probe 336

Web Hits
Site Home Page 388,000
Microsoft Application 355,000
Oracle Application 311,000

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