September 11, 2003


Soul Searching 
COVER STORY While rescuers labored to recover the bodies of those lost in the World Trade Center collapse, a small Michigan software company set about salvaging their identities.
By Melissa Kruse

Fishing Chips 
The next generation of protein microarrays from the likes of Protometrix and Molecular Staging may work so well that drug companies won't want them.
By Mark D. Uehling

Small-Molecule Research Attracts NHGRI
Clinical IT Sumo Wrestlers
Down on the ‘Pharma’
FDA Vision Quest Ends
‘Once More Unto the Breach…’
Desktop Linux Gets Ready for Prime Time
Q2 Results Fuel Hope
Nanobiotech Stew Bubbling but Not Yet Ready to Eat


The Odd Couple
CombinatoRx brings matchmaking to drug discovery and development.

This Goose Is Better Uncooked 
From "Poison Squad" to pharma watchdog, the ever-changing and controversial role of the FDA makes for fascinating history.

The Challenge for In Silico Companies 
Is this the end of the in silico drug discovery and development market?

Safeguarding Clinical Data 
The Internet is an increasingly hostile environment. How safe is Web-based EDC?


First Base | Kevin Davies
A small bioinformatics company gets called into the national service.

Paper View | Kevin Davies
Microarrays reveal new insights into the pathogenesis and pharmacogenomics of cancer.

Nothing Ventured... | Michael A. Greeley
Some emerging bio-IT services companies are beginning to attract venture capital.

Fully Equipped | By Julia Boguslavsky
No longer just a "good idea," HCS is making an impact in target and lead selection.

The Russell Transcript | By John Russell
A week at The Jackson Laboratory reveals much of the nature of mice and men.


New Products
· Roche Makes Waves with AmpliChip · Launcho Avaki's Grid Transforms Data for Collaboration · Anacubis App Maps Data, Reveals Connections