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Roche Makes Waves with AmpliChip Launch
AmpliChip CYP450
Roche Diagnostic Corp.
Sep 11, 2003

Pro2Kem Ships Monitor Across Pond
Sep 11, 2003

Ventana Medical Systems Makes a New BenchMark
BenchMark XT
Ventana Medical Systems
Sep 11, 2003

Mac Daddy: Apple Releases G5, 'Fastest' Desktop Computer
Power Mac G5
Apple Computer Inc.
Sep 11, 2003

Painless Biocluster Configuration with iNquiry
The BioTeam
Sep 11, 2003

UniPress Marks Territory with FootPrints Web-Based Helpdesk
FootPrints 6.0
UniPress Software
Sep 11, 2003

Avaki's Grid Transforms Data for Collaboration
Data Grid 4.0
Avaki Corp.
Sep 11, 2003

Anacubis Desktop App Maps Data, Revealing Hidden Connections
Anacubis Desktop
i2 Group
Sep 11, 2003

LION Bioscience Takes Aim, Fires Target Engine
LION Target Engine
Lion Bioscience AG
Sep 11, 2003

Startup Raises Computational Chemistry Service, R&D to New Levels
Benchware, Discovery Engines, Discovery Components, Distributed Computing
Optive Research
Sep 11, 2003

Update Takes Sequence Analysis App to the Max
DNASIS MAX Version 2.0
Sep 11, 2003

Wolfram Research Analysis Tool Adds Support for DICOM, .NET
Mathematica 5
Wolfram Research Inc.
Sep 11, 2003

Promicro Offers New Storage Option
ProStore SATA
Promicro Systems
Sep 11, 2003

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