September 16, 2004


Blinded by the Light
Myriad advances in light microscopy are increasing resolution, accelerating confocality, improving detection — and toying with the laws of nature.
By Rabiya S. Tuma

Strategic Insights

Growing Gains
As a biopharma firm develops, tests, manufactures, and sells product, its IT systems have to evolve at each stage along the way.
By Paul King


Company to Watch
Of Rats and Men
Ingenium Pharmaceuticals’ choice of animal model could turn the German company’s still faint blip into a flashing beam.

Computing the Genome
Charles DeLisi, who helped conceive the Human Genome Project, turns to systems biology and an AIDS vaccine.


News & Analysis 

New Products


First Base | Kevin Davies
Information Theory
Two of the greatest minds of the 20th century grappled with the problem of information. 

Inside the Box | Michael Athanas
From the PC to the PCC
Personal compute clusters enable researchers to compute outside the total control of the data center. 

Insights | Outlook | Zachary Zimmerman
The Dark Side of Project BioShield 
Biopharmas should examine both sides of Project BioShield before considering product development. 

Nothing Ventured | Michael A. Greeley
Platforms for Pathways 
Many valuable computational tools were created in the past decade to sort and analyze the flood of genomic data. 

The Russell Transcript | John Russell
Sadly, No Free Lunch 
What are we getting for all the money being spent on drug development, and who should pick up the tab?