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Portfolio Of Proteins Accelerates Research
Protein Portfolio
Sep 16, 2004

Affymetrix Maps Out SNPs
GeneChip Mapping 10K 2.0 Array and GeneChip Mapping 100K Array Set
Affymetrix Inc.
Sep 16, 2004

Trap Those Mouse Proteins
Mouse Multiple Affinity Removal Column
Agilent Technologies Inc.
Sep 16, 2004

Faster Track To SELDI Assays
ProteinChip System Series 4000 and PatternTrack
Ciphergen Biosystems
Sep 16, 2004

Tooling Around With Arthur
Arthur Suite Version 3.0
Sep 16, 2004

Visual Expression
Avadis 3.2
Strand Genomics
Sep 16, 2004

Predictive Plug-Ins for Chemists
Calculation Plugins; Marvin 3.4
Sep 16, 2004

Quantum WORM Locks Down Data
Sep 16, 2004

Storage in a Snap
Snap Server 18000
Snap Appliance
Sep 16, 2004

A New Twist On Clusters
Orion Cluster Workstation
Orion Multisystems
Sep 16, 2004

Sun Fires Up Four-Way Server
Sun Fire V40z
Sun Microsystems Inc.
Sep 16, 2004

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