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The Appliance of Sequence
ABI 3730; ABI 3730xl
Applied Biosystems Group
Oct 9, 2002

PerkinElmer Life Sciences Debuts Three Technologies for HTS
DELFIA GTP Binding Assay Kit; Image FlashPlate; britelite and steadylite HTS
PerkinElmer Life Sciences
Oct 9, 2002

TurboGenomics Trumpets Advanced Distributed Computing System
TurboBench 2.0
TurboGenomics Inc.
Oct 9, 2002

Kodak Rolls Out Gel Imaging System
Kodak Gel Logic 100
Eastman Kodak Co.
Oct 9, 2002

BioDiscovery Multifaceted System Tackles Microarray Research
GeneDirector 2.0
BioDiscovery Inc.
Oct 9, 2002

Kendle International Strengthens Web-based TrialWeb Service for Managing Clinical Trial Data
TrialWeb Version 2
Kendle International Inc.
Oct 9, 2002

Client/Server Bioinformatics System Sports Distribution Partnership
Rosetta Luminator
Rosetta Biosoftware
Oct 9, 2002

Dell/EMC Partnership Yields New High-end Storage Array
Dell EMC CX600
Dell Computer Corp.
Oct 9, 2002

QikProp 2.0 Brings New Understanding of Drug Candidate Profiling
QikProp 2.0
Oct 9, 2002

Tripos Ports Drug Discovery Software Pair to New Platforms
SYBYL and UNITY Discovery Software for Linux and Itanium 2 HP-UX workstations
Tripos Inc.
Oct 9, 2002

Native XML Database Targets Bioinformatics, Pharma Applications
NeoCore XML Information Management System Version 2.6
Oct 9, 2002

JSX Objects Offers Feature-rich Platform for Building Bio-IT Apps
JSX Objects
Hakman Peachey Inc.
Oct 9, 2002

Bioinformatics Solutions Upgrades Protein Predictive Software
Prospect Pro
Bioinformatics Solutions Inc.
Oct 9, 2002

Etrials Fine-tunes EDC Tool for Clinical Trial Data Management App
QuickStudy Capture 4.0
etrials Inc.
Oct 9, 2002

SysArris Takes on Oligonucleotide Designwith OglioSys Hosted Application
SysArris Software Ltd.
Oct 9, 2002

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